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The History Begins Here

The Santai  Toraja is a dream come true for Josep, the founder. He spent several years travelling all around the world. He arrived in Indonesia in 1997 and he fell in love with this amazing country. The island he loved the most was Sulawesi.  Tana Toraja impacted him. When he visited this area for the first time something inside him changed. He knew from that exact moment onwards, that his life will be related forever to Sulawesi Island.

Since 1999 he has been living in Sulawesi and working   in travel business. He loves Tana Toraja and he has always wanted to create a special place to stay in the area…and when you have a passion, a belief about something, it allows you to persevere…and now, 20 years after he established in Tana Toraja he has built  Santai Toraja, and eco-boutique hotel where our guest will feel absolutely connected with the essence of Sulawesi. Each property has its own identity…and in  Santai Toraja you will experience our passion and dedication to the hotel and to our Land.


We look forward to hosting you at  Santai Toraja.

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